Medutopia Medical Education Training Camps

Medutopia medical education training camps

Medutopia Training Camps empower educators around the world.

Training camps are designed specifically for low- and middle-income countries that may not have the resources to develop high-quality educational programs. Medutopia receives global requests to work with individuals and institutions to help build innovative medical education materials.

This mentoring opportunity is free of charge for educators located in low- and middle-income countries.

If you qualify for this program, our highly skilled training staff will set up Training Camp sessions via a variety of communication channels to build a superior training strategy that allows you to achieve your training goals.

It's one thing to listen to strategies and tips. It's another thing to transform those ideas into reality. Medutopia is the foundation on which you can build your expert social media brand and messaging strategy.

Rob Rogers, MD., Medutopia Founder

Together we can reinvent the world of medical education

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