Medutopia International

Medical education for developing countries

Medutopia International is a cutting-edge medical education opportunity developed, implemented, and presented by Medutopia faculty for low- and middle-income countries free of charge.

We only ask that you cover the flight and hotel for the faculty required to travel to the course site. The actual course engagement is on us.

The host site will book the venue, arrange for the appropriate audio-visual equipment to be used for the course, and determine the most appropriate registration fee for local educators. The host site will also keep 100% of remaining profits.

Medutopia will work with you to determine the appropriate format of the course and how many faculty will be needed to teach the content. In addition, we will do our very best to incorporate local faculty into the course as instructors.

It's one thing to listen to strategies and tips. It's another thing to transform those ideas into reality. Medutopia is the foundation on which you can build your expert social media brand and messaging strategy.

Together we can reinvent the world of medical education

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