Medical Education Consulting

Medical education consulting

Medutopia offers a variety of consulting options for the educator.

Message Amplification

Our Message Amplification Consulting offering provides you with essential social media strategies and best practices that you can use to amplify your personal brand and messaging approach. Medutopia has proven success working with clients to identify a brand amplification strategy that reaches a highly targeted audience.

Whether you’re looking for guidance to launch your social media program, or you’re running a mature social media initiative that needs to be revitalized, Medutopia’s experienced consultants are here to help you amplify your social media brand.

Course and Conference Evaluation

Are you looking to develop a “Status and Growth” plan to take your upcoming course or conference up a notch? We can support your event with a detailed analysis including:

  • Course administration feedback
  • Presentation delivery and slide quality assessment
  • Adult learning principle trends and best practices

Based on these areas of analysis, Medutopia Consultants will develop and present a detailed growth plan. From that plan, you’ll be equipped to build and/or advance a high-quality educational experience for your learners.

Medical Education - Social Media Integration

Are you a medical educator looking to modernize your course offering? Medutopia’s top-tier consultants work with you to integrate social media platforms into an educational experience you can proudly offer attendees. We believe that a spectacular conference or course begins with social media.

Our team can help guide you in learning how to navigate live video to share memorable learning experiences with past, present, and future learners.

Medutopia guides educators as they launch their social media strategy across social platforms and embrace the power of social media to reach users around the globe.

We evaluate your current use of social media in courses or conferences. Consultants then provide recommendations for highly effective social media utilization techniques to nurture and grow your personal and professional brand voice.


Want to learn how to podcast? If you’re looking for one-on-one consulting guidance in podcasting, Medutopia offers a unique resource. We work with you to develop your podcasting skills at a pace that suits your needs and goals.

With individualized strategies, Medutopia helps you to construct your ideal podcast and distribute it to a targeted audience.

Let’s work together to change the world of medical education.

It's one thing to listen to strategies and tips. It's another thing to transform those ideas into reality. Medutopia is the foundation on which you can build your expert social media brand and messaging strategy.

Rob Rogers, MD., Medutopia Founder

Together we can reinvent the world of medical education

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