Global medical education coaching and consulting.

Available Services

Medutopia Services provide a variety of coaching and consulting resources for medical educators around the world. If you're looking to build your technology skills, message amplification, or education strategy, you've come to the right place. We also have a variety of opportunities for medical educators in low-income and middle-income nations. Explore which Services best fit your needs and goals.

Develop a medical education edupreneur career path

Developing a Medupreneur Career Path

Do you dream of developing your own business or medical education product? It’s time to make your dream a reality and Medutopia can help you develop your Medupreneur Career Path.

Medical education coaching

Medutopia Coaching

We offer a wide range of coaching opportunities for those looking to boost targeted elements of your medical education career.

Medical education consulting

Medutopia Education Consulting

Our Message Amplification Consulting offering provides you with essential social media strategies and best practices that you can use to amplify your personal brand and messaging approach.

Medical education training camps

Medical Education Training Camps

Training camps are designed specifically for low- and middle-income countries that may not have the resources to develop high-quality educational programs.

Medutopia international focuses on global medical education

Medutopia International

Medutopia International is a cutting-edge medical education opportunity developed, implemented, and presented by Medutopia faculty for low- and middle-income countries free of charge.

The Educator-Speaker Development Program

The Educator-Speaker Development Program

This exciting new program is designed to mentor senior-level residents and junior faculty who are interested in medical education to speak at Medutopia medical education courses around the world.

The Medutopia Mastermind Groups

The Medutopia Mastermind Groups

Medutopia is offering 4 different mastermind groups, one of them free for a 12 month trial period and the other three paid versions.

  1. Creativity and Innovation in Medical Education (Disrupt)
  2. Podcasting in Medical Education (PodLife)
  3. The Medupreneur Mastermind (Spark I)-for beginners
  4. The Medupreneur Mastermind (Spark II)-intermediate

Together we can reinvent the world of medical education

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