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COVID-19: Mental Health Resources for Frontline Healthcare Providers

Three podcasts dedicated to the psychological impact of COVID-19 on healthcare providers

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Top Seven Ways to Not be a Dick!

On this latest episode I discuss the top 7 ways to avoid being a dick. This is the leadership lesson that we all need.

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Medutopia is headed to the Developing EM Conference

Medutopia is headed to teach a 2-day course in Cartagena, Colombia as part of the Developing EM Conference.

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Medutopia heads to Saudi Arabia for the 2020 SASEM Conference

Rob Rogers, Danya Khoujah, and Peter Akpunonu will be teaching a one-day med ed event at the 2020 SASEM meeting in Saudi Arabia.

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Medutopia Kentucky is coming!

Course topics for the 2019 Medutopia Kentucky course. THIS is going to be awesome!

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Medutopia Courses in 2019-Going Global!

We are headed to multiple locations this year, including India, Abu Dhabi, Peru, Turkey, Costa Rica, and Chile! In addition, we also have a fantastic 2-day course lined up at The Kentucky Castle in Versailles, Kentucky in September 2019. Check back for more updates on the blog and the podcast.

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Rob Rogers in Emergency Physicians Monthly

Rob discusses his journey with Medutopia and his plans to change the world.

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GridlockedED game on sale March 27th!

This brilliant new game goes on sale March 27th. Check out for more information.

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Medutopia is headed to Brazil!

Medutopia is headed to Brazil to teach along side our friends and colleagues in Brazil. We simply can't wait! September 2018.

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MedEd Guru website launches!

MedEd Guru wants to help. Thanks to the initiative of proactive teachers in both the #FOAMed movement and elsewhere, world class educational resources are already abundantly available for free with new materials coming online each day. MedEd Guru wants to make this content easy to search, organize and access for both individual learners and training programs.

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