Medutopia Peru

Medutopia Peru, Cusco, Cusco - Peru

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This interactive, innovative, and highly useful course is aimed at medical educators who want to “reach their utopia” in medical education and their full potential as effective choreographers of learning.

Medutopia Peru Cusco, Cusco - Peru

Content That Will Help You Change The World!

-Podcasting in medical education
-How to effectively give feedback
-Presentation design and delivery
-The taxonomy of significant learning
-Medical education in low resource settings
-Curriculum design that makes a difference
-The intersection of social media and medical education
-Innovations in medical education
-Personal branding/voice development

What will the course cover?

More details coming out very soon!

Lightbulb Branding
Hand stars Design
Rocket Science
Transcend Wellness
Foundation Essentials
On three Choreography
Convos Social
Digital footprint creation Digital foot print creation
Bedside teaching Bedside teaching
Feedback Feedback
Speaking skills Speaking skills
Creating digital media Creating digital media
Podcast Podcasting



Andy Little

Medutopia Speaker

Rob rogers

Rob Rogers

Founder and Chief Imagination Officer (CIO)

Anna kalantri

Anna Kalantari

Medutopia Speaker


Tracy Sanson

Medutopia Speaker

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Drew Kalnow

Medutopia Speaker

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Medutopia Peru
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