The Medupreneur Lab: Entrepreneurism for Medical Educators

Medutopia Labs, Lexington, Kentucky - United States

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The Medupreneur Lab is a brand new course offering by Medutopia. Development of this innovative course grew out of a growing interest in entrepreneurism. From "side hustles" to full-blown development of a business, many folks in medicine seem to be looking for a way to truly develop something unique and possibly be their own boss.

And here is the cool thing...this course is not just for healthcare providers! It's for ANYONE really looking for a way to carve out their own creative and innovative pathway.

Medutopia Labs Lexington, Kentucky - United States
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The Medupreneur Lab

Topics we will cover in the course: -Idea brainstorming -Basics of intellectual property -Basics of setting up a business -Discussion of the concept of "revenue streams" -Developing a website and the ins/outs of SEO (search engine optimization) -Using social media to connect to other entrepreneurs and grow your ideas -Content creation, marketing, and advertising -Developing your personal brand, voice, and digital footprint. -Brand strategy exercise -Logo creation -Mission statement exercises -Blending your entrepreneurial endeavor with your day job

What will the course cover?

The course will cover important aspects of developing and implementing a plan to create an entrepreneurial spirit that is in line with your passion.

The tuition cost of $1,195 includes:

Pre-training video call with Medutopia faculty to maximize your course goals and experience
Pre-training study packet (book recommendations)
Bourbon tasting
Cocktail hour the evening before the course
Breakfast and lunch the day of the training
Medutopia’s highly specialized offering of one year of "medupreneur" mentoring to continue to fine-tune your entrepreneurial strategy
A 1:5 instructor to student ratio

10 spots available!

Lightbulb Branding
Speaker Storytelling
Hand stars Design
Transcend Wellness
Convos Social
Digital footprint creation Digital foot print creation


Rob rogers

Rob Rogers

Founder and Chief Imagination Officer (CIO)

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The Medupreneur Lab

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