IkigaiMedEd: Medutopia’s Advanced Medical Education Course

Kentucky Castle, Versailles, KY - USA

About this course

What’s that ‘thing’ that gets you out of bed in the morning? What motivates and inspires you to give back to the world doing something you love? In Japanese, this concept of meaning is known as ikigai. There are four elements that embody the concept of ikigai:

  1. What you love
  2. What you’re good at
  3. What the world needs
  4. What you can be paid for

Where these elements overlap you’ll discover your ikigai: that which you’re meant to do. It empowers you to lead a long and happy career. IkigaiMedEd: Medutopia’s Advanced Medical Education Course is designed to help you find your ikigai with the help of a faculty made up of some of the world’s top medical educators.

Kentucky Castle
230 Pisgah Pike
Versailles, KY - USA
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How does IkigaiMedEd: Medutopia’s Advanced Medical Education Course work?

This innovative training is specifically designed for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, paramedics, physical and occupational therapists, and all other medical educators (regardless of the level of training). It will guide you as you tailor your medical education ventures to the modern learner, and re-energize your goals as an educator.

In addition to examining foundational medical education topics, we’ll discuss tools that support your journey as an effective and efficient educator and help to establish yourself as an entrepreneur.

What will the course cover?

This three-day course blends medical education, social media, faculty development, wellness and resiliency, and entrepreneurship.

Topics include:
Connecting with Younger Learners
P-Cubed Presentation Design and Delivery with Ross Fisher
Ikigai Wellness 1/2 day workshop
Curriculum Development
Teaching & Learning with Social Media
Mastermind Groups
Design Thinking
Book Club for Medical Educators
Personal Branding for the Medical Educator
Time Management
Bias and Diversity in Med Ed
Gamification of Med Ed

Lightbulb Branding
Speaker Storytelling
Rocket Science
Transcend Wellness
Foundation Essentials
On three Choreography
Convos Social


Rob rogers

Rob Rogers

Founder and Chief Imagination Officer (CIO)

Anna kalantri

Anna Kalantari

Medutopia Speaker

Chris curran

Chris Curran

Medutopia Speaker

Rob cooney

Rob Cooney

Medutopia Speaker

Ali raja

Ali Raja

Medutopia Speaker

Mike gisondi

Mike Gisondi

Medutopia Speaker

Ross fisher

Ross Fisher

Medutopia Speaker

Img 5288

Megan Osborn

Medutopia Speaker


Tracy Sanson

Medutopia Speaker


Danya Khoujah

Medutopia Speaker

Tarlan hed

Tarlan Hedayati

Medutopia Speaker


Jon Bronner

Medutopia Speaker


Chris Doty

Medutopia Speaker


Walt Lubbers

Medutopia Speaker


Drew Kalnow



Andy Little

Medutopia Speaker

Course Registration

Level 1

Physician, MD/DO, Consultant

Level 2

Physician Assistant

Level 3

Nurses/Pharmacists/Allied Health Care Professionals

Level 4


Level 5

Medical Students

Level 6

Prehospital/EMS Providers

Ikigai Gala Dinner

November 7th



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1 Kentucky Castle
Kentucky Castle
230 Pisgah Pike Versailles, KY 40383


2 Hampton Inn
Hampton Inn
3060 Lakecrest Circle Lexington, KY 40513
3 Hilton
245 Lexington Green Square Lexington, KY 40503
4 Marriott
3100 Wall St. Lexington, KY 40513

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