The Medutopia Podcasting Academy

Medutopia Podcasting Academy

The Medutopia Academy Series involves year-long mentorship programs concentrating on specific disciplines. The Medutopia Podcasting Academy is designed to equip educators with the podcasting knowledge they need to provide expertise to the right audience with the most up-to-date podcasting strategies available.

How does the Medutopia Podcasting Academy work?

Over this one-year program, Medutopia will help you launch your podcast and optimize the listeners' experience so they walk away with valuable, actionable information from your latest professionally produced episode.

Your mentorship includes:
  • Bi-weekly video calls with your Academy Professors to discuss overcoming hurdles, your achievements, you goals, and how to accomplish them.
  • Access to Academy Professors 24/7 for questions and advise.
  • Regular reading assignments (we'll provide the materials) and online assignments to continuously improve your podcasting skills and strategic thought processes.

Throughout the year, you'll also work closely with Academy Professors to create a project that puts your Academy experience to the test.

It's one thing to listen to strategies and tips. It's another thing to transform those ideas into reality. Medutopia is the foundation on which you can build your expert social media brand and messaging strategy.

Rob Rogers, MD., Medutopia Founder

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