About Medutopia

Medutopia produces and develops solutions to strengthen the skills of medical educators around the world. As a creative think tank, we have built a team with the experience and expertise to nurture highly effective learning choreographers. We offer a variety of mentoring, training courses, coaching, and consulting to help people and organizations amplify their social media presence, improve their educational effectiveness, and develop an innovative podcasting strategy.

Picture of Medutopia Founder, Rob Rogers, MD
Rob Rogers, MD
Founder and Chief Imagination Officer (CIO)

Trained in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, Rob Rogers currently practices Emergency Medicine at the University of Kentucky's Chandler Hospital in the Department of Emergency Medicine. An innovative medical educator on the cutting edge of creativity, he shares his knowledge on the monthly medical education Medutopia Podcast. Rob co-founded The Teaching Institute and in 2014 created The Teaching Course at The University of Maryland. As a passionate medical education enthusiast, podcast evangelist, learning choreographer, and entrepreneur, Rob works tirelessly to change the world of medical education by reinventing it.

The Medutopia Faculty

Medutopia faculty are among the most highly skilled educators in the world.

Jon bronner

Jonathan Broner

Rob cooney

Rob Cooney

Chris curran

Chris Curran

Chris doty

Chris Doty

Ross fisher

Ross Fisher

Mike gisondi

Mike Gisondi

Jordana haber

Jordana Haber

Tarlan hedayati

Tarlan Hedayati

Erica howe

Erica Howe

Anna kalantri

Anna Kalantari

Andy little

Andy Little

Megan osborne

Megan Osborne

Ali raja

Ali Raja

Seth trueger

Seth Trueger

Manrique umana

Manrique Umana

Nicola%cc%81s pineda

Nicolas Pineda


Sarah Medeiros


Tracy Sanson

Carlos donoso

Carlos Donoso

Adolfo barraza

Adolfo Barraza

Michel rey

Michel Rey

Sergio alvizu

Sergio Alvizu

Screen shot 2018 01 30 at 7.53.16 pm

Murat Çetin


Danya Khoujah

Simon fleming 2

Simon Fleming

Img 0262 2

Asit Misra

Img 0734

Charlotte Lawson

Img 0269

Drew Kalnow

Dan s

Daniel Schubert

Repanshek zachary

Zack Repanshek

Tmulligan small photo

Terry Mulligan


Floyd Miracle


Janis Tupesis


David Fifer


Walt Lubbers

Shreya pic normal size

Shreya Trivedi


Job Rdz Guillen


Dive Banuelos

Together we can reinvent the world of medical education

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