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Medutopia offers energetic, highly motivated, and skilled educators who know how to share their knowledge, motivate learners, and provide educators with the necessary tools they need to help other educators reach their medical education utopia.

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Who is Medutopia For?

At Medutopia, our mission is to create an enlightened approach to medical education for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, paramedics, physical and occupational therapists, and all other healthcare educators. The courses and educational strategies you'll find at Medutopia are designed to inspire and teach healthcare educators to be the best teachers they can possibly be. The tools you'll find here are carefully crafted to empower you to be highly effective choreographers of learning.

Medical Education

Medical Education

Medutopia provides training resources that guide you, as a healthcare educator, on a journey to inspire your students to take excellent care of their patients.

Course Direction

Course Direction

We offer consulting services to evaluate your course composition strategies and optimize your social media positioning to reach the broadest audience possible.

Social Media

Social Media Amplification

Looking to amplify your business's message on social media? Medutopia provides you with tactics to reach the ideal audience with whom your message will resonate.

Reinvent your Medical Education for the modern learner.

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Why Medutopia? We are committed to your success

We at Medudopia are committed to your success
Medutopia's training offerings empower medical educators to:
  • Learn how to use podcasting as a teaching tool
  • Create the highest quality podcasting experience for listeners
  • Retain and build the most targeted audience
  • Harness the power of social media
  • Embrace technology as a teaching tool
  • Inspire students with a meaningful, educational journey
  • Encourage a hands-on teaching approach
  • Captivate students with the most up-to-date techniques
  • Discover the best way to share their passion and knowledge
  • Re-energize their goals as an educator

What's New

Medutopia is headed to Brazil!

Medutopia is headed to Brazil to teach along side our friends and colleagues in Brazil. We simply can't wait! September 2018.


MedEd Guru website launches!

MedEd Guru wants to help. Thanks to the initiative of proactive teachers in both the #FOAMed movement and elsewhere, world class educational resources are already abundantly available for free with new materials coming online each day. MedEd Guru wants to make this content easy to search, organize and access for both individual learners and training programs.



My good friend, Terren Trott, has put together an awesome website dedicated to teaching airway management.


MyMedutopia.com is live!

We're excited to launch our new web site, MyMedutopia.com! Visit often for new announcements, course offerings, and podcasts, and be sure to join the Medutopia newsletter for fast information!


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Happy Independence Day from the folks at Medutopia! 🇺🇸

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July is the perfect time to bring back the Medutopia Podcast 🎙 covering @amalmattu's Top 10 List for Interns. https://t.co/l4wg7zfVVC It's a list we all can use, not just interns!👌 https://t.co/zCpgPkFLG4 #MedEd #TipsForNewDocs

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Here at Medutopia we'd like to salute all those medical educators on the first day of their academic year for everything they do for their learners. #MedEd

19 days ago

Happy Monday! Have a full email inbox awaiting you? Learn how to hack your email inbox from @1440Doctor on the Medutopia Blog! https://t.co/UcoJLgZ15O

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